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LPG Conversion

Autogas or LPG are both alternative names for propane.

Propane is a naturally occurring gas and a constituent part of both oil, and natural gas. Natural gas is a mixture of several gases, including Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Hexane, and Heptane. Propane consists of about 3% of its make up. It is is extracted as part of the refining process of crude oil.

Propane is the third most common motor fuel, after petrol and diesel, and comes way ahead of electrically powered vehicles.

Propane is better known as the red bottles that fuel the nations caravans and gas barbeques.

It is heavier than air, but about half the weight of water and has no odour. A smell is added during production for safety. Compared to the cost of petrol or diesel it is less than half the price.


System Types – Autogas 2000

We are agents for Autogas 2000. The company is based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire and has been involved in the gas conversion industry for nearly 30 years.

They are acknowledged to have a vast expertise and are consulted by the UK automotive agencies. Their training school sets the standard for all other companies to follow.

They have established a network of approved installers that can offer nationwide servicing and repair (A major benefit when you are a long way from home.)



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